Part I: Sabotage Vehicle

Flat Ties/Blowouts: I've collected receipts for tire purchases since twenty-sixteen. I added only the receipts I had found in twenty-nineteen, I had twenty-five flats/blowouts. In twenty-eighteen, I had twenty-eight flat tires/blowouts. I found this description online of Organized Stalking. During those years, I dealt with each problem as it came. I was not thinking about … Continue reading Part I: Sabotage Vehicle


I've been working on a spreadsheet called Bad Luck. Good thing, I started the sheet because I have found numerous issues." Flat tires and Blowouts." Though I have been through many things. That one should not have to be bothered with. According to my receipts and notations, I had twenty-nine flat tires and blowouts in … Continue reading Tires