Lord, I need help. I’ve been locked in over here. No one calls me. I guess, I want my old life back. The natural life, the one without locks and deadbolts. The life where there’s no one hovering over me as if I’m a child who needs supervision. I feel someone is trying to force me into their life. To get out, I’ve thought about it. But I cannot be forced. No one has been great to me; I owe Nothing to no one. I’ve been referenced as a feminist. Is a feminist someone who stands against force? I’m not against relationships; I’m against forced to comply. I’m not worried about my faith on this, as I’m not complying for the sake of the show. But I hope you end this life draining experience I’ve been catapulted into. The rich should be held to the same standards as the poor. Bring this into the justice center. Amen.

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