For many years I have discussed in length of many weird events that have occurred in my life. As anyone else would.

In doing so, I’ve been told “that happens to everybody. YOU MUST HAVE IMAGINED THAT.”

So, lately I’m sharing more. Not to expect aid or empathy. But to tell as many as I can. So they’ll rush home tell family members, who’ll tell more people. Cause what has happened is definitely for public consumption and should not be understated or tolerated.

I’ve turned cunning over all this, no doubt. I’m not a pin cushion to agitate at leisure for entertainment purposes. I’m a woman who has zero care for playing around.

So, last evening I was on the phone speaking to my sister about a potentially expensive car problem. My cute car I bought not even a month ago has an oil issue. There’s no leak. Car runs great. But oil light comes on too often. I’ve taken the car into a mechanic shop. He repaired the PVC valve. He made no guarantee that’s the culprit. “Car might be burning oil which means your engine is ‘No Good.'”

If this were the only issue I’ve endured, there’d be no writing about it. But I’ve recollected a great number of car problems: doors permanently locked, windows stop working, windshield wiper falls off, gas tank flap broken, etc. At times the windows will work and the locks will unstick too.

These issues have not happened on one vehicle, but several others over a span of ten or more years. It’s like a Life Sentence living out here. I have had blowouts, flat tires in the seventy to eight range. I’ve encountered oil leaks, radiator leaks, broken belts.

I find these events the next morning whenever I go out to my car. But the car was fine the night before. Imagine finding a splatter of green fluid under your car, when you had nothing going wrong beforehand.

That’s suspicious.

Anyway, so my sister responds to my newest oil issue, “Sounds like “Somebody’s out to get you.”

Finally. I have finally got an honest answer. Without the past sarcastic remarks, “Everybody has car problems. Your car is older, you have to expect these things. It’s not the end of the world. It’ll get better.”

Yes, somebody is. Most assuredly out to get me. Who?

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