Misses, Too Many Blush Strokes

I was driving through the city and stopped my car at a stoplight to wait for another car to pass. A tall thin woman wearing professional office attire walked across a parking lot. First thing, I noticed about her was the deep red blush climbing across her cheeks.

I imagine she was heading to her car after a day of seeing customers seeking loans to buy autos, homes, etc. Her stern facial appearance gave notice of her ability to say, “No,” until the customer proved their stable credit and lengthy work history.

I imagine her husband can’t say enough compliments of her ‘fine’ office job, managing the bank. I’m sure she’s quite handsome in their neighborhood of professionals who’ve been elevated to the top of their careers and make regular payday deposits that are not removed overnight to pay bills.

Her world far different than my own and many others. We’re “losers,” in their eyes. We’ve weaved through life changing jobs and careers, not sticking around to become management.

When the light changed, I lost track of her, but summed up her lifestyle with judgment just the way she had to her customers. I wonder how she’d feel if I turned her down on a business loan?

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