He or She’s Trying to Kill Me

I’ve lived through unnecessary problems from continual car problems, banking discrepancies, online blocked accounts, etc.

I’ve known from the start whoever took special interest in my personal business through hacking had committed serious federal violations. Only a moron would be capable of doing something as volatile as obtaining passwords to obstruct someone’s online activity.

I have proof and plenty of detailed memory to support all my claims. I also kept screen shots, wrote some books to spread the word, and made continual reports to law enforcement.

I have concluded I’m actually not a representative of the human race, because not one person as of yet has treated anything as serious. Some even laugh at the mere thought someone has taken the time to hack into my life.

I agree, it’s silly. I’m a grandmother, not some young model-like woman with a petite figure. However, I am hacked in all directions. And that’s true. No one has the right to do so.

In summing up the hacker after all I’ve dealt with, I’d say he is a he, he’s hoped I’d stressed to a heart attack or committed suicide. Then he’d be free from criminal charges. He would pay everyone off, to shut them up. Money speaks volumes, I’ve heard.

Well, I’m not dead. I have written plenty of information to rattle the desks of anyone listening. Hey, if law enforcement wish to turn a blind eye to my demise, there’s zero for me to do. But they’re also allowing a serious public threat run the streets. I’ve done my part.

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