Stats Lie

Hiding my written material from public view is a direct violation of my Constitutional Rights. Regardless who’s offended or subjected to criticism.

On one day my site reaches twelve whole readers, then zero, next day zero, then three days of two readers. I may appear as a stupid Neanderthal, but I’m quite aware what I write is hidden because a psychopath hacker.

I’m not at all amused nor proud.

In response, a big “whackaloo” to those who hack. Hackers are criminals who violate federal laws. Did you knock? Do I know you? No. No. No. Then please leave. My business is not yours to worry about. I’m sure you have someone else to latch onto and hustle their life.

I’m taking notes, and keeping copies. Hackers or whomever is responsible is violating my Rights, I take that very seriously.

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