Life Controlled

I grew up in a world based on Rights. Right to Free Speech. Right to Bear Arms. Right to Due Process.

Imagine a world where those inherent Rights are torn to smithereens. Trust me, you’ll be shattered.

This, in fact, happened to myself.

I’m a nobody. Well, I am obviously someone. I am an average citizen, as mostly everyone else.

Due to my Rights being controlled I am not the person I once was. I know too much, now. I see technology as a potential threat with every button selected.

I constructed a spreadsheet. That’s where my eyes opened wider than ever imaginable. I could not believe what I uncovered.

“I had over sixty flat tires in two years,” I told her. She said nothing.

Most of those flats were blowouts accompanied by a slow deflated tire. This may occur once, maybe twice, in a lifetime. But not ten, twenty.

What’s the purpose behind flattening someone’s tires?

To drain their mental strength? To drain them financially? To kill them?

Add repeated situations where car becomes spontaneously inoperable. Then add a series of repeated fouled engine parts; the same part twice, in two years on same month.

If you have any investigative powers whatsoever, you’ll see that my car is under siege by an unknown to me psychopath.

I picture a mad scientist in an underground refuge surrounded by computers and analyzing pages thrown about on the floor. What looks like a medical IV pole is actually his equipment to destroy the lives of random people he finds as a threat.

He’s a ‘hider.’

He’s all macho behind the scenes of technology, but too scared to real people. So, he hides until he’s caught.

My car windows would randomly stop short of raising. The gas tank lid broke. The car dash frequently lit up like a fireworks show. Even my front car doors would stick shut for weeks, then would unexpectedly unlock.

That’s not everything. Obviously. But is a start to finding a technology “killer.”

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