No More, Bouncing Back

From a young teenager I always knew the working world, nine to five, was not for me. I completed two degrees to avoid working from dusk to dawn. “There must be an easier path to making enough money to supplement my plans to travel and pay living expenses,” I thought.

Life tends to show you the areas you aren’t suited for by introducing less than grateful coworkers. Spending a full day sitting next to an imbecile who blabs of her entire family life, sexual activity, and breaks for the slightest reason.

Not my idea of the “good life.”

I’ve worked at something for thirty plus years. Simultaneously, took courses to enhance my work skills. But now, I’m not looking anymore. I’m settling into volunteered retirement.

I’m tired of meeting new personalities. I’m done with an hour lunch. I’ve had it with rushing to dress for work and then drive in traffic. Being a minute late raised eyebrows, mandatory meetings, and huge red marks on word performance records.

The hundred zillion work bonuses performed suddenly excluded by that one ‘red mark.’

One trainer told a group of coworkers, “you can be replaced.” Didn’t she know that she too is replaceable? She never dressed professionally. Her makeup and hair resembled anyone who’d just worked out, sweated, and swallowed a water jug.

Where’s the workplace respect? I never found it. But I’ve heard it does exist.

In one temporary job, I was stalked. That was an unamerican experience in an environment where workers are routinely taught “we do not harass one another.” Apparently, that subject needs an entire planned curriculum scheduled yearly?

My last boss was one of the worst. She managed to schedule me completely opposite of the schedule I requested. But considering her timidness, I understood she gave in to the demands other aggressive workers put on her work life. She was put in frequent last-minute binds because of her inability to stay firm.

I just happen to be in a financially complicated situation where I’d be unable to turn down work out of my requested schedule guidelines.

Her respect for boundaries, proved difficult to work around. I quit the entire workforce due to bosses who are unable to properly lead. I dealt with many, she was the last.

Once, my mother, told me, “You always bounce back.”

I never thought about myself in being able to flee a bad deal. I made choices that were the best for my situation. If I saw it would be a five plus year battle to move forward, I moved on. Because I could not afford to idle for long, my two daughters needed clothes and food. School wasn’t cheap.

I’ll turn fifty-seven this year. If you saw me now, the way I live you’d think I was recovering from drug or alcohol abuse. I actually have said, “I’ve worked. I’m educated,” this is not My Life. Because it’s not.

This life is for addicts. Not for someone who never took work vacations. My kids were not given away. I solely cared for their needs. I never complained of the excess work, either.

To me, if you’re not in a relationship or married, and a child results. You’ve a sperm-donor who was careless.

So, I traveled through the ups and downs of life. Here I am with two quality adult daughters who each have a son and nice relationships.

I’ve wisdom to share. Lots of time. But ‘no money’ in the kitty.

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