A Discreet Killer

The constant complaining deafened all ears; Not even one dared to listen. She knew he successfully brainwashed those around her. Even her children were unaware of his magnificent plot to silently destroy her soul to ruins right before their eyes. No one could see his deceit. His suave lies were laid onto each and every single one. His psychology background became useful in persuading them to keep the surprise quiet. They were his “puppets” being played in mid-air. He examined each one for vulnerabilities and background. He led the investigations like a criminal lawyer not leaving a stone unturned. A risk he could not think about; He’d be ruined if anyone outside of the circle knew his real scheme. To kill the girl’s mother!

With a list of her favorites, not-so-favorites, names, birthdates, he plotted each and every step. His main goal was to keep his game going, trickery, manipulation, isolation. He was a sly fox, stealing peeps to gain more information. To keep his victim confused, he gave her clues along the road. He already had her mind primed to steal it away, ” for permanent.”

His jealousy became an obsession. He synchronized every inch of her life. Open the door, her neighbor exits, right on queue. Empty trash, always someone there to meet her.

He controlled her family life, work, finances, car computer, brain, thoughts, IP address. Even burning her birthdays, Mothers Day, Christmases. He deplored each and every piece of her flesh. He chewed her to pieces bit by bit.

She knew.

She told what she knew, but no one understood her. “Are you crazy?” they asked her, “Do you need medication?”

Ah. He’s a flat genius. The kind of male who’s smarter than the rest, but not so smart in finding him a sweetheart.

His game had no end. The persecution was intense and criminal. There he crossed over from the bright student who knew all the answers to a full-fledged psychopathic criminal with one goal “To Kill.”

He tried repeatedly to no avail. She was built strong from day one. Nothing could destroy her, she used his own tools to counterattack his consistent efforts to end her life.

He controlled her car. Stalling and inoperable at his leisure. He hoped she’d meet her fate in a car accident. Then he’d take her children as his own. Buy them gifts and also seek to separate their lives from their children as he did their mother.

The evil genius.

He hacked her bank accounts to ruin credit worthiness. Over time, she’d never rebound from the neverending financial gut he did on her money.

He hoped to watch as she languished in the hell he plotted using the information her own children had been brainwashed into giving him.

Even after all that disappointment, her strength carried her through. He’s no match for her.

She won.

But had nothing left. The constant abuse and torment was overwhelming.

She lay in bed one evening, star’s shown threw the drapery along the living room wall. “There’s nothing left, but the strong mind I’ve built from a long line of dysfunction,” she thought. Her family had grown to become unrecognizable. The repetitive good one minute and bad the next, was torturous. She knew they knew, but had resented her so much she knew they’d never betray him.

They made their choices, coerced or not. The history was planted long before he appeared; To destroy. There’s no excuse for such behavior.

She finally wept that night. Not from a win or loss, but she had nothing left.

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