OU Prostitutes

Take money from their pimp to agitate a person they don’t even know.

They steal your car tires and switch them for bald tires with wires protruding through the rubber. This can cause car wrecks to unsuspecting car owners and potential fatal accidents for the public.

I have changed more than thirty flat tires all over the city and surrounding county. Each time my tire blew out, I knew somehow, someone, remotely had control of my car and decided I needed to stop driving.

If the tires were all I had to fuss about there’d not be six to ten books and a binder full of receipts, notes, and lists of incidents.

I’m calling this mess as I see it, “Domestic Terrorism.” A case for Homeland Security to do their job in protecting this country from homegrown terrorists who use far-fetched tactics to create submissive behavior for specific persons.

I’m a Texan. Not a Oklahoman. I got stuck here. My technology has been hacked.

That’s a huge issue for those of us who won’t break U.S. laws for no reason. Why does a Hacker get to break laws, not face imprisonment, and hefty fines?

Because they hide behind secure technology where no one hacks them.

I may not find cooperation to assist me, but I can journal and self-published books until ‘forever.’

Anyone who accepts money to agitate, play a role, in ruining the life of another person is nothing but an emotional prostitute.

Taking money for illegal services.

They are ‘pimped,’ by a pimp who never shows his face. In fear, he’ll face jail time.

Since I’m stuck in Oklahoma. I’m calling this out as OU prostitution.

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