I’m a Snob

In comparison to others, I have been told remarks, “You think you’re better than we are.” I never thought as much. However, I thought “if you see me as superior to you and your group then maybe I am a snob.” I’m not wasting my time arguing about this. Especially with someone who I share absolutely no commonalities. I have less than anyone my age in terms of material possessions. But I have a decent figure, a college degree, two beautiful daughters who need me for nothing. In all practical sense, I’m doing alright. If my life ends, I am fine knowing my family is going to be alright.

As far as being a snob, I don’t surround myself with anyone I knew before twenty years. I avoid shopping in places where I might run into someone I knew from high school. Because I’m no longer a child. I’m an adult now. It’s also embarrassing to run into those who haven’t had life as tough as I have. I’m jealous. Why couldn’t things have worked out in my favor?

I met the worse men along the road. They weren’t physically abusive, but were financially draining. That’s the beginning of going downhill.

Today, I’m staying single. Not going down anymore relationship roads at my age. Regardless of wealth. I’d be the poor lady rescued from the dirt floor. The one who has no food or family. Don’t pity me; I’m a snob.

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