Psychology Manipulates

For many years, I have logged in on my social media accounts. In doing so, I’ve been bombarded with unfamilar psychology terms.

I have read descriptions of these words to find there cannot possibly be individuals with these problems.

Narcissism is the one I hear frequently in conversations. Like what is this? A person who thinks about themselves is now a term. Is it not important to do so?

It appears those with the leftovers of bad relationships are the general complainers of narcissism. The original complainer supposedly feels had. They feel used and taken in. By the charms of a narcissistic abuser.

I’m not so sure of that.

I doubt anyone meets another just to groom them for years of abuse. Of course, this happens in many relationships.

In which case, Get Out of this mess. Don’t let yourself become life long connected by having a baby with someone who abused you in any way. They’d be a danger to you and any child.

Another word is Stonewalling. What is this about? Who does this? Baiting n’ bashing? Flying Monkeys?

If all those words were real terms to describe manipulative behavior, there’s no use in pursuing relationships. Boy meets Girl just became a living nightmare.

Personally, I don’t believe any word of this nonsense. I do believe there are personalities who take advantage of another. There’s cheaters.

But no one is out here pulling stunts. Gaslighting. Seriously.

Just because Hollywood made a movie about this, creative writers, doesn’t mean this is a thing to be mindful of.

It’s just unbelievable that my social media account is infiltrated with this garbage. I’ve deleted all this information too often.

Someone somewhere writes this crap. That person is obviously disturbed to believe they’ve been abused in this way. That person needs to seek mental health help.

I’m also seeing a lot of schizophrenia and bipolar information. I never heard of those words until forty-eight years after I was born. Which means I spent a lifetime around people who had good days and bad days. And who worked and lived their own lives.

Now you’re labeled when you ‘go through some things.’

I’m not completely swept into a love of psychology. The “mind” is all we have. If you mess with that, lose it, you’re done.

Protect your brain cells from drug abuse. Drink moderately. Limit your time around individuals who complain more than laugh. Drop anyone who’s not ‘on your side.’ Jealousy and envy have no place in anyone’s life.

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