Vanessa’s Paid Liars

I listened while my daughter told me a handful of lies. On purpose.

Was I supposed to stop and tell her to “Cut it out.” Or let her make a fool of herself.

I’m unsure of what to do in this situation. Should I have stopped her at the first glimpse of lying? without listening to anymore of it.

I didn’t react. I allowed her to speak. Because I know she’s not speaking from herself, but of another.

Who? Who is so low to use someone else to do their speaking? Who is as conning, manipulative, and bizarrely ignorant.

“Vanessa Dear is that you?”, “Are you the psycho-cunt cult fanatic who has chased me through life like a fox on fire?”

“Oh dear me. You’ve gone off and got yourself a real-life mental condition. Is it schizophrenia? Bipolar?”

Have you ruined your tenny-tiny widdle-bitty brain?

Poor thang.

All those young years tearing you apart as a big ol’ adult.

Welp, that’s what happens when you slurp down dope, drink from dusk to dawn. “Can you pour me a glass of wine?” You ate the remnants of meat slivers, careful not to indulge in real hearty spoonful. No one mentioned you were an unhealthy eater?

All those luxuries meals were skipped to stay maggoty thin. So thin your bones protruded from your rib cage. Your shoulder blades resemble knives.

Now you been working on controlling people, via psychopathic messaging?

Do you know how powerful I am? a text message read.

I laughed at the message so hard, I rolled on floor laughing my azz off. Literally.

Powerful? Like a power drill? Power saw?

Biatch. You are not talented enough to pull off power. You just very gifted at being crazy times infinity.

Do not mess with my stress level. I have a cut-off. Once reached, I’ll personally drag your unfit-for-society-azz through every law enforcement branch. I’ll make sure your little Raggedy Ann azz will be hauled through every court amongst your law abiding peers.

Trust that, they’ll share no commonality with your common psychiatric unit azz. You strange nightmarish catwoman psychopathic bch.

Your spawn is societies worry now. Will they grow the thorns, horns, and fangs as you have?

You are sincerely a waste of my good time. You’re an evil one, built of barbed wire.

I know my daughter was tipping me off. “It’s all pretend,” she said, without saying.

Bravo Performance!!!

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