The Talented

I was thinking about becoming a writer and noted for my creative suave usage of words.

I allowed my thoughts to go deeper. Into the lives of those who are winning awards and whose popularity exploded beyond imaginable.

There’s extreme ‘money’ floating into these ‘talented’ lives. So much money there are inevitably followers who have ulterior motives besides an attraction to the talent.

They’re called “Leeches.”

Where the money goes, ‘leeches’ are close. Maybe even next door?

In my writer’s dream, I too, imagined I’ll face the ‘leech’ magnets. That’s when my dream stops. I can’t enjoy my dream if there’s worry of ‘leeches.’

Anyway, writers are not known to take in huge monies. There’s a lot of starving artists.

I actually feel empathy for those talents who are taken advantage of by relatives and friends. Can the talents see who’s behind them and who’s only riding along on their shirt tails waiting to be included in a will or living the talents life?

Cons are professionals who know the ropes so well. They know you, better than you do.

I think I’m a good judge of character. But I’ve been fooled, too. That’s how I learned. I remember visiting an acquaintance years ago, I left the living area to use the bathroom. My purse was left on the couch.

I had just received my tax refund, had two underage daughters.

When I opened the bathroom door, I looked into the mirror before stepping out. I saw this Male acquaintance in his late thirties rummaging through my purse.

I suspect he was searching for my tax refund.

Here I was struggling along caring for my family and this grown man was in-process of stealing from me.

He didn’t have children to care for.

I didn’t confront this guy. He’d lie about what he was doing. But I had his number, you know.

Another year, I was visiting another acquaintance in her home.

I sat on the sofa holding a CD she handed me, of a country singer. I guess, I handed the CD back to her. But I don’t remember.

I followed as she showed me her home. My purse was in the kitchen.

We then exited through the kitchen into the garage. She left me in the garage alone; I remembered my purse. I opened the door, she was standing near my purse at the end of the counter.

My wallet held my cashed paycheck, not yet deposited.

Later, I heard the woman accused me of stealing her CD.

I don’t refer to many people I know as friends. But as acquaintances. A ‘friend’ would not steal from me.

Thieves come in all shapes and sizes. A person with very little money or a lot of money, has to stay sharp. Trust is earned; Not given.

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