Part I: Sabotage Vehicle

Flat Ties/Blowouts: I’ve collected receipts for tire purchases since twenty-sixteen. I added only the receipts I had found in twenty-nineteen, I had twenty-five flats/blowouts. In twenty-eighteen, I had twenty-eight flat tires/blowouts.

I found this description online of Organized Stalking.

During those years, I dealt with each problem as it came. I was not thinking about stalking or a sinister plan unfolding in the background.

It wasn’t until I searched online and read about an unfamiliar term Organized Stalking. That I found relief. There was a name given to what I could not comprehend.

Blocked In: I’ve been blocked on the highway on numerous occasions: Two times in the same location at different times, different year; a truck sped up behind me traveling at speeds over eighty miles-per-hour. On both times, I was so frightened I moved from the road to the roadside. While the trucks sped up and drifted into traffic with other drivers.

Both of those incidents were intentional.

Boxed-In: I’m driving along and the vehicle behind me signals to pass on the left lane. No big deal. Happens everyday. However, that vehicle then signals to move over back into the left lane and is now in front of my car. Then signals again to move back into the left lane. The car behind me repeats the process as the first car. Then, again. Equaling three cars.

This scene abruptly stops for a few miles. And starts up again.

I’ve been in longer than average lines at customer service counters. That could be understandable; In my case this scenario has occurred frequently. But stops. Like it doesn’t continue; Therefore, I know those long wait times were fully intended.

Drugging Food: I’ve gotten sick at the same home at different times of the year. On one occasion, I felt fine when I went to bed. At six-thirty a.m., I awoke with stomach cramps and sweating. I ran to the bathroom and threw up for about fifteen minutes.

The only people in the home were me and a woman who supposedly suffered from dementia.

I can count the number of times, that I’ve been sick. I do not get viruses. Maybe twice in my lifetime.

I have kept records of the incidences and remember details vividly.

Sleep deprivation: Is only effective if the victim allows the abuses to bother them. I was well aware of what was happening.

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