His Taste in Women

She’s too fat.

Her size is not a two or even six. I’m unsure of myself seen with a big one of eight.

You know I’ve had only the hottest. What would they say?

She’s too shy, too nice.

I loathe nice. Nice is too giving. Always “Yes,” this. She’s afraid to be demanding and aggressive.

“NO,” is clear n concise. Respectful and demanding attention.

Does she believe in anything? Is there no religion. This girl runs amuck. What family is she from with no religion?

The public sees failure as I do. It’s written so very clear.

Her past is far too colorful. I mean really, what was she thinking.

Her string of males reaches past the lines. She’s a beauty with no Boundaries.

I’ve seen so much better. None who need fixing. But are ready. Past me.

You know I’m perfect. I need perfect. Only perfect need apply.

Yet, I am amused by her vagrant less than social Speech. She’s embarrassing. I’ll be the laughing stock of all circles.

Her background is nothing but jagged artwork.

Uhm How? Why? Who?

She’s a misfit. Unfixable.

Yet, I declare war on her peace. To make her perfection in my eyes. No cost is too large for my project. All eyes centralize on only her.

Break her down to that of an innocent child. Twist her thoughts like zip ties. Block her path.

I’m in love with myself.

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