Embarrased; Much?

If you’re proud of what you do, then why do you hide?

There’s no mystery to be solved. No magic pill to fix all, to be found. I doubt that not even one cares.

Then why the big deal to stay hidden in the masses? Are you scared? In fear of the unknown?

Have you scars etched into your face of bronze? Are your eyelids stretched to a slit where only the pupil is seen? Has your hair grown into long unshaped layers cascading from your crown? Are you embarrassed of a weight gain? Is that it? Have you been skipping your routine and choosing to ‘take it easy’ for long periods?

I understand embarrassment. It’s cruel what we do to ourselves. But this not the end of the world.

I loathe using tongue twisters, words that are incorrectly spelled, water fountains, dirty sneakers, untied shoelaces, ponytails, polo shirts, tee shirts with words, the color yellow, undeserved compliments.

To name a few.

You see, I’m the epitome of old skool. I rage at new ways, but will also long for something new. I’m a consistent creator of finding new ways, but stand-by the old.

I’ve nothing to hide. All is out for the world to see and judge. I’m not embarrassed. I’m uncomfortable. I’m a die-hard liar and also a tell all.

I’m an imperfect being. I’ve no rules to live by. There’s no Boundaries hidden in my layers. I’m proud to be nice and understanding.

I’m definitely not embarrassed.

But you, you hide like a scared kitten whose mommy has been rescued and left you all alone. You lie in bed and think a lot. You’re lying of who you really are.

You’re embarrassed to be seen. Because of what you’ve done.

How pathetically sad.

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