Caveman Like Living

You blocked my path; A path not yours to block,

Is that how it is nowadays?

You flung me into a steel cage. Bolted the door with shark teeth and lion fangs. You then crossed your tees and dotted your eyes with your lusciously vengeful tricks.

My bicycle became a victim. Those pretty green plants tossed wayside. The fence decoratives were given the boot. You hacked three watering hoses. Cut, punctured, switched, deflated, my transportation. You unplugged the oil.

Why didn’t you just cause an explosion? and cut through all the middle bullshit.

The gain?

To stop me from being a person. Because you’re jealous, a loser, a hater, an imbecile, poor quality.

My mail is five weeks late. Or is it eight? I’ve lost count of what you’ve done. If I had a hand of five hundred fingers; I could never write enough of your escapades. They’re endless.

You’ve tried to kill me. You tried to kill my kids. In real-life, that’s taking it a bit too far. But in caveman world; Anything Goes.

I am respite, but healthy inside and out. I dream of when you’ll be caught. You’re dangerous. With the mind of all the top crazies.

Yeh. You know what you are; A Specialist Hitman.

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