Aha, Case is Closed!

I’ve self-published several diary oriented books. Based on events that happened.

The odd part is whenever I’d open a discussion of what occurred, the subject in question would be ignored and/or changed.

Wait just a minute; I’m telling you a story concerning me and you’re deflecting.

Is this a joke?

Unfortunately, that scene went on for years. For so long, it’s embarrassing to me, for my family, and to each and every single one of you.

After researching, I found various articles thoroughly representing my complaints of mistreatment.

One book written skillfully over the same complaints, turned out to be a Stalkers Bible. I cherish the book and the writer, as they give a ‘real name’ to my years of harassment from an unknown group.

Four years ago, I remember finding another article outlining a number of check-off items. Like a list of what’s coming next.

Back then those items were being actively deployed. But not all had.

Today, the perpetrator has actively deployed ninety-nine percent of that list. If I were dead, this is also a precondition for capital punishment. Because the perpetrator planned an attack years in advance. Without laying a finger on my body, the perpetrator sought to distribute damages via ‘others.’ Through habitual abuse. “You can’t cook. You drive too slow. You don’t have any skills. You don’t have any friends.”

On and on for years, the same wording with different words and deliverers.

Eventually, you don’t care. If you ever did. What anyone thinks of me is not my problem. I’m alright. Not perfect. But I’ll do.

If all this sounds corny, unbelievable even. Hold on, I have solid proof of these sadistic attacks on my character, material possessions, employment, dreams, financial situation.

I’m not detailing this in one sitting. But will be doled out in Parts.

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