Part II: Sabotage, too.

I found this article and was dumb founded and outraged at the words I was seeing. Everything I had been saying for the past four years stared me into my face. My problem was not that I had proof, but “Who do I report this information to?”

I’m not reporting a crime that’s well known by law enforcement. This is huge cyberattacks. Hacking. Serious Federal violations.

Remote Disabling: I sat in my car at a rest stop after driving most of the day,in twenty-seventeen. I was tired, but too worked up to relax.I knew what I knew. The time was after midnight, I was cold inside the car and had ran out of snacks. I started my car; To drive.

I had no problems with my car during the day.

When I drove from the rest stop. In a few seconds, my car dash lights flashed reds. I did not believe what was happening was natural. I had dealt with frequent flats and knew somehow, that someone, hacked into my car computer system and stranded my car at their leisure. Like, I think I’ll stop your car today, because I don’t care about laws or RIGHTS. This is a remote location. Trees, a two-lane roadway. A few homes on acreage. Cows. No people. Instead of becoming stranded on roadside, I turned around and drove back to the rest stop. Not my first choice, but I had to. No other vehicles were parked on the rest stop lot, but an eighteen-wheeler.

I slept in my car; The next morning before secen a.m., I started my car and drove from the rest stop with No Flashing Lights. Suddenly, the car is operable? Amazing, news.

Remote Disabling #2: I had stopped to use the bathroom at a fast-food establishment. The time was about eight-thirty p.m. Before I left my car a new white duly truck pulled approximately four parking spaces to the left of my car.

I had a weird feeling my car was going to become inoperable while I was inside. The white truck was gone, when I returned to my car. I sat in the drivers seat, turned the key to start my engine, and ‘Nothing.’ I tried again, ‘Nothing.’ Instead of freaking out, I reclined my seat. About fifteen minutes passed, my car started perfectly.

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