I’ve been working on a spreadsheet called Bad Luck. Good thing, I started the sheet because I have found numerous issues.” Flat tires and Blowouts.” Though I have been through many things. That one should not have to be bothered with.

According to my receipts and notations, I had twenty-nine flat tires and blowouts in the year twenty-nineteen.

In twenty-eighteen, I had fourteen flat tires.

Thirteen flats in twenty-seventeen.

Two flat in twenty-sixteen. I already know that is incorrect. As I remember walking to my car parked at my apartment on numerous occasions to find a flat tire.

In twenty-fifteen, I had one flat tire. That may also be incorrect because I don’t have all my receipts for previous years.

In total for those years combined I’ve had 59 flats. That is more flats than I’ve had in all of my years of driving.

Why now? Why did the flats start increasing over the years?

I’ve had so many flat tires, I don’t buy new tires. They’re used. Though that’s not the reason for the vast number of flat tires. Many of the tires were flattened and completely bald in one week. of purchase. Some tires blew out on the expressway. Whenever I pulled over the tire next to the blown tire will deflate or a back tire would lose air.

It’s no secret, that someone targeted my “tires.” They’ve been changing the tires while I’m not in the car. Which is at nighttime when I’m asleep. Since I’ve paid more attention to the tire switcher, I’ve noticed the two tire thing.

Many times, the ‘vandalist’ just deflated the tires. I knew that much, by adding air and waiting to see if the air decreased.

It didn’t.

I’m concerned; Of course. Tires are not cheap to replace. Prompting a financial decline and loss of work time. Which results in work issues.

Isn’t that the entire reason for targeting tires? To create as much chaos as possible for the recipient. Called a Domino.

I remember specific streets where I’ve stopped to change tires. I remember the trouble I encountered. I’m so glad, I saved my receipts. One day, I hope to show the receipts to someone who actually sees what I see in the receipts. Not just “Everyone has flats.”

Changing flats is very dangerous. The jack could fall. Crush my leg. Good thing, I’ve had so much experience in changing flats, I’m pretty good at changing them now.

But seriously, I’ve changed too many flat tires. My roadside assistance canceled me two times a year apart.

It’s my understanding, that Organized Stalking loves to play with flat tires and cause financial decreases by replacing tires.

Have I just found the tire culprit?

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