My Online Experience

The internet is a valuable source for finding anything.

I remember working in an office in the very late nineties when the internet was taking hold. I had no idea what was ahead.

On my birthday in the year two-thousand-thirteen, my daughter gave me a tablet and had opened up an account on the social media website Pinterest. I browsed my new account for a few days but didn’t find an interest. So, I didn’t go back into the account, but I continued to receive emails from Pinterest. I rarely if ever gave the emails a second look. Since, I had no recipes, cooking, or baking talent.

Then I was interacting with a co-worker in twenty-fourteen, who nudged me to add them as a friend on Pinterest.

Once I logged back in I became obsessed. On one page of pins listed familiar names of relatives and their friends. The first thing I thought is this someone’s idea of a prank? As there is ‘No Way’ this was coincidental, but had been done intentionally for nothing more than to create aggravation for the recipient; Me.

During that year and going forward, I noticed a trend in posted memes. There’d be a series of one specific celebrity you may have heard of Johnny Depp. There were posts of his close relatives, exes, his films.

There would be a continuous series of very direct vulgar posts. Such as:

I was under the impression members were not allowed to post offensive memes. I complained via email a few times to the email listed for complaints; the explanation I received was basically informing me not to interact with the memes and they won’t multiply. I didn’t have to ‘click’ on them. They multiplied for a day or two, then switched to a new topic. A topic I did not research.

I’m not suffering from a mental illness. Meaning, I understand memes/Pins appear and also appear on others’ pages, as well.

There were weeks of psychology terms and references to words, such as: Gaslighting, Narcissism, Baiting, Stonewalling, Bashing, Flying Monkeys, Personality Types, Triangulation.

Not the words I would commonly use in communication with anyone.

I was astounded when I found another meme pertaining to a term I had never knew existed; Gang Stalking.

I’m not complaining about the above, but relaying that this is my online experience.

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