Abrupt Stop

For years I’ve complained about a motorcycle revving behind the fence.

That noise subsided.

I take a nightly walk through the church parking lot. For several years, I have watched as random vehicles stopped in the empty lot and stay until I pass. Then, drive away.

That has stopped.

The frequent hangup calls from unknown numbers settled down, as well.

A distant relative who called throughout the day and left multiple messages quit doing so.

My daughter who has kept a long distance from me, for no reason, has returned. Like nothing was ever wrong.

My online activity stills seems ‘off.’ I’m monitoring it daily; looking for changes.

There’s other things that were occurring but are too strange to mention. I know, but it’s hard to say without looking crazy.

So, “Why the change?”

Do you have any idea how many times I’ve made a comment about the above activity to receive a backhanded remark?

That too, has improved.

I guess, my questions were substantiated by the sudden ending of the complaints. I’ve unintentionally proved a valid point. If I had no real complaint there would be no halt?

The complaints would continue on and on.

Which further indicates, my complaints were intentional.

But on the walk back, I saw a familiar Gold Buick driving by. My brother has corresponded my walk with his arrival? Isn’t that a cuckoo coincidence?

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