If you’re driving a car. You’ve driven that same car for years. You know when it’s failing. So, you’re driving along and all of a sudden your car battery light stays lit. Oh no, car trouble. You know in days you’ll be making repairs.

That’s understandable. No big deal.

For days your car battery light stays on. You’ve no cash until end of the week to make repairs. But you know something should’ve went out.

But hasn’t. Until you get paid. You have money to make repairs. Also, the first paycheck that’s free to spend on yourself or to save. The car has made a decision to stop working on payday. After money is deposited.

How sweetly convenient.

Or, “How coincidental?”

One time things work out perfectly. Two times, perhaps. Three times, you feel lucky. It’s as if the car knows you got a paycheck, felt sorry for your situation, and decided to hold off breaking down; precisely on payday. That’s too much consistency. Life doesn’t happen like that. Life does not know when we’ve got our financials covered to set us back.

It’s the consistency that draws my interest. Life is inconsistent. We can’t possibly plan for everything. But somewhere in the atmosphere, perfect timing is possible.

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