Technology is Whack!

By now, I would have expected technology to have surpassed perfection. The leaders have had plenty of time to cure drop calls.

That’s my pet peeve of all of ’em. As I have no time for a conversation, I’m particular about who I talk with, ending due to a building constructed with steel. Thus, preventing me from hearing something important. Especially when my daughters tell me a tale of what one of the two grandsons have recently done.

Does anyone even know how that information is so comforting? Add a video and I’ve forgotten about not receiving a birthday and Christmas gift for ten years.

You know, that’s real.

I loathe when a call drops or the call I’m on sounds as if their voice was stretched horizontally in the body of a whale. I could lose it. But I don’t.

Because that’s technology.

I do not accept technology has reversed from the old Southwestern Bell days. When our phone numbers consisted of seven numbers that I still remember, “542-1373,” the number I grew up with. I don’t recall any phone call ever being dropped.

I remember when voice mail started. What a life saver? No more waiting around for an important call.

Isn’t that old? To remember the original stuff.

A woman I spoke with earlier today told me she couldn’t hear me speaking, “sorry, the line is breaking up,” she said multiple times. Instead of hanging up on her, I spoke three times louder to her than I would to anyone else. I was offended for her. My voice deserved the chance to slap her for having bad hearing. Because I knew my voice level was fine.

Anyway, she wasn’t difficult for me to hear. An even-toned voice. My phone is not new or one that’s to cherish.

So “Why couldn’t she hear me as I heard her?”

I’ve spoken to my daughter on several occasions; the line sounds as if she may be talking inside a well. Complete with an echo.

I cringe every single time. In the background I can hear my grandson; he’s only 1.5 and still unintelligible. But I can hear his baby voice. And I love hearing him.

Besides, my phone issues, I have frequently encountered photos I transferred from my phone to my laptop; Multiplied. An indicator, I just transferred a virus on my phone to laptop.

I’ve tried to counteract hacking and viruses on my technology. But I am at a loss of what to do next. I’ve changed passwords so often, I’ve locked myself out of my own personal data.

I wish I had an interest in technology; I do not. I know enough to know when I’m hacked. But fixing the problem is well-over my pay scale.

Anyway, I travel through online social media sites and have found there is significant information available to hackers to assist in teaching hacking like an expert.

Who is the targeted audience for this information? Why would anyone spend their precious time stealing information that’s not for a stranger?

Anyone who hacks is dangerous and bonkers. Not that I have a complete understanding of hacking; I don’t.

But I’d like to be left alone.

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