Make Yourself some ‘Real Friends.’

Ever wondered about falling in the tub and losing consciousness? Or getting sick, so sick you can’t get out of bed.

In most instances, that’s not a big deal. Because someone living in your home will hear you fall or will see you at some point. During the day. You don’t realize how much you take for granted those who genuinely care for you.

But…If you’re single and the majority of your friends are social media friends who see your posts? Or, you don’t actually have phone conversations. Because a lot of texting is happening more than speaking.

You may find yourself in a real medical emergency bind.

If you are single and have a baby who cannot speak, yet? Well, you’ve really created yourself an isolation nightmare. No one knows your situation!!! Because you haven’t thought about ‘what if.’

The likelihood that a scenario like the above would occur is unlikely. But there’s a chance it could. That’s a chance you don’t want to toy with. A remedy is easy.

The Cure?

You’re wondering what can I do? I love my freedom.

Make a real friend. Someone who definitely gets the ‘shakes’ if they don’t hear from you. You guys talk every day; then one day, you don’t. The person who worries about you not calling is your friend.

These days, being ‘cool’ is a thing. Words like Mind Your Own Business. You’re being Paranoid. are common responses when discussing a ‘what if’ scenario.

It’s a mature thing to find someone who doesn’t hear from you “to call authorities and have a well-check.” Especially important, if you have a baby who could be left alone for days, with no food or water.

What if you have pets in your home?

A crying baby would agitate a dog. Do you really want to be ‘cool’ and not make the effort to “Make a real friend?”

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