360° | Let It Be

Core, “According to the Webster version,”
A personality, physical, mind,
Envelopes the whole person,
We all know some are way behind,
Missing the mark, developing a pleasant nature,
They scheme and devise plans,
I would think, they’d want to be greater,
You cannot change a person, it’s not human,
Playing around with that sorta thing,
Only creates hostility, vulnerability, control, “it’s, uncool man,”
This is not your role for a person to be more,
Accept them as they are, see how amazing,
Maybe it’s you, that is the issue?
You look, search, and analyze,
“No one should ever change,” to please you,
Are you looking for help and cry,
Honestly, what’s so imperfect,
About you friend,
I’m waiting “what’s the verdict?”
Is it you “Who they cannot depend?”
Think that through, before you try,
To Google their name,
For you, are in sheep’s clothing and spy,
Mess with the core, you are lame,
It is not your job to tame,
Get along, attract your kind,
Leave less than you behind,
For karma returns, at times,
In dreadful ways,
I’m not kidding, ’tis a deceitful crime,
In my opinion, this is not okay.

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